It is always nice when someone quotes Shakespeare ūüôā¬† and actually the article had references that are from even earlier era.

From Bounded rationality, ambiguity, and the engineering of choice by James G. March (1978)  .

Fifth, human beings know that some people are better at rational argument
than others, and that those skills are not particularly well correlated with
either morality or sympathy. As a result, they recognize the political nature
of argumentation more clearly, and more personally, than the theory of choice
does. They are unwilling to gamble that God made clever people uniquely
virtuous. They protect themselves from cleverness by obscuring the nature
of their preferences; they exploit cleverness by asking others to construct reasons for actions they wish to take (Shakespeare, 1623).



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Sonnet XXVII

The original can be found e.g. via http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/1041

Weary with toil, I haste me to my bed,
The dear repose for limbs with travel tired;
But then begins a journey in my head,
To work my mind, when body’s work’s expired:
For then my thoughts (from far where I abide)
Intend a zealous pilgrimage to thee,
And keep my drooping eyelids open wide,
Looking on darkness which the blind do see:
Save that my soul’s imaginary sight
Presents thy shadow to my sightless view,
Which, like a jewel hung in ghastly night,
Makes black night beauteous and her old face new.
Lo, thus, by day my limbs, by night my mind,
   For thee, and for myself, no quiet find.


Hopeful, in a way.¬† It seems that also Shakespeare knew about the wolf’s hour (fi).


P.S. Having a classical moment (ehheh), so enjoy:

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Tein pikavisiitin ARS17-näyttelyyn Kiasmassa. Hello World! kuulosti hiukan tietotekniikkaan liittyvältä, ja esijutut mm. uutisissa houkutteli kurkistamaan. Pikavierailulla kerkesin katsomaan 2. ja 3. kerroksen nopeasti, mutta siinäkin sai jo hiukan mielikuvaa.


Value of pi

Kannattiko käydä?

Oikeastaan kyll√§, pikseli ty√∂ , joka taisi olla numerossa 4193 , oli kiinnostava tavallisuudessaan. Mit√§s erikoista yhdess√§ giffiss√§? Toisaalta itse√§ni hymyilytti viel√§ enemm√§n parituloste giffist√§, jota oli kolmen A4-pinon verran, josta n√§ki toki vain p√§√§llimm√§isen paperin sivun 1, 10xx jotakin ja sivun 3096. Jotenkin giffin “koodin” tulostaminen on absurdi idea, mutta toisaalta se ehk√§ on parhain tapa s√§ilytt√§√§ se. Tosin se j√§√§ ihmetelt√§v√§ksi tajuaisiko tulevaisuuden ihminen, milt√§ giffi sitten n√§ytt√§isi, mutta ehk√§p√§, kiinnostava koe ja ehk√§ viesti tulevaisuuteen.


Kiasmassa olen aiemminkin nähnyt esineitä epätyypillisessä asussaan. Tällä kertaa tämä taitetut näytöt oli se joka säväytti eniten. Onko tärkeää näyttö vai se sisältö joka siinä pyörii ja toiko tuo esitystapa näytölle uuden elämän, kun nyt sitä voi taas katsoa uudestaan eri näyttöjen kautta. Silmukoita, silmukoita.


Hirmuista ja inhottavaa

Nykytaiteen museossahan t√§ytyy olla sitten my√∂s provokaatiota aiheuttavia teoksia ja ainakin muoviroskista muodostettu ‘hahmo’ ja biomuovia sy√∂v√§t toukat olivat kyll√§ t√§t√§ sarjaa. “Vapauttaa orgaaniset inhokit”-kampanja k√§vi kyll√§ mieless√§, mutta ehk√§ sit√§ tarvitaan vain pehmoisille ja s√∂p√∂ille el√§imille. Olisin toivonut kuitenkin, ett√§ en noita olisi n√§kenyt, nyt j√§i mieleen pohdituttamaan, ett√§ miten ihmeess√§ inhokit pysyv√§t esittelykotelossaan, eiv√§tk√§ p√§√§dy ties minne. Toisaalta aiheutti ajatuksia, ja tuntemuksia, joten mission accomplished, siin√§ suhteessa.


Shoppailijan sivuosumia

ARS17-henkistä materiaalia löytyi myös museon kaupasta, josta mukaan tarttui Pappwatch-kello, josta löytyy paljon malleja  . Kevyt ja toivottavasti kestävä, mutta tuntuu ranteessa mukavalta, toisin kuin metalliset/muoviset kaverinsa.

Kaupassa oli myös esitteillä leijuva lamppu, joka magneetin avulla leijaili pari senttiä alustansa yläpuolella. Magneetit tehokäytössä, mutta näytti suhteellisen maagiselta. Kunhan hinta hiukan laskisi, voisi ehkä harkita Рtosin kestääkö lamppu kuinka pitkään olisi arkielämässä oleellista.


Pit√§nee k√§yd√§ vilkaisemassa my√∂s loput kerrokset jollakin toisella kertaa, joskus helmet l√∂ytyv√§t ylemp√§√§ ūüôā

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Watched: GotGVol2 <3

Absolutely loved the Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2. The familiar characters returned, but there were few more added to the mix for the flare. Bit like with the case of Dr. Strange, I still assume playing superheroes is a treat for the actors. Originally the length 2h 42 minutes was bit worrisome, but the time flied, and there was laughter, excitement and tears in that time. Unfortunately didn’t get to the 3D-version, but the 2D-version was good as the content matters. ¬†Afterwards I started to think the skill actors have, even if they work quite much with green screens, but that is probably a skill in its own.


Continue reading

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I probably have read too much sci-fi, but started to think whether the Biosphere concepts could be one way human kind could survive on Earth after climate change has destroyed the atmosphere and breathable air. So started to wonder whether the dome concept could work, i.e. like they are planning for the Mars journey – how things could work if Earth would be the hostile environment.


Provided that the sphere could  do as it promises Рprovide oxygen, food and shelter then that could be a solution for minor part of the population. Possibly the solar power could help in the energy needs, if not have solar panel fields, the outer layer could be totally tiled with solar panels, which could possibly help.


It was interesting as even though we all live in a closed system called Earth, then having the miniature version Biosphere 2, turned out to be tricky. At least in discussion afterwards the problem was the relationships between the 8 participants. It seems that they were professional enough to survive to the end, but not possibly happy. Naturally one of the main causes seemed to be that the oxygen levels dropped to 14%, which drew its toll to the participants physically and onwards psychologically, as it seems that while survivable it causes extreme exhaustion. That starts to pile up as within the sphere they had to all the time work in order to keep the food supplies coming.

“Breadth connects us in a very deep way”.

I think I once read that we are breathing the same atoms as Julius Caesar. There was also recently discussion that as certain vegetables suddenly became unavailable at shops, that this is the first indicator of climate change.¬† That is probably true, the weather is bit too flippant for taking in signs, but ecosystem as a while tells the truth. The challenge is also that at this time we only see initial signs, and it still takes a few years to things to be truly visible, and that point it might be too late. In a sci-fi book which started to haunt me the situation ended to there that all coal factories had to close, cars banned world-wide and lots of forests were planted to eat up the excess CO2. But the book might have been too optimistic – probably that extensive measures wouldn’t be applied in real life as the economical realities hit in.

Runaway climate change (Wikipedia). As an individual one thing to do could be to try to be carbon neutral and pay up for the nature preservation organisations to compensate at least to the carbon one is using. Wishing also luck for the future & current inventors, that they could figure something out, which could help in time. Floating islands of trash in oceans and oxygen deprived lakes and so on – there are just so many things to be fixed. Hopefully at least some parallel universe get things right, even if not this one.


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Found another gap in my knowledge after I’ve been trying to complete the course project 2 of the cybersecbase-course. The task basically says to install metaspl01t3, utilize it to find gaps in a system and then write a report of it. As I’ve pained with my slow,slow windows machine, realized that here is actually excellent opportunity to learn about virtualization bit more. Naturally my machine has nice surprises, and there was once more reminder of the “do not install the latest version” issue.¬† Newest version of Vagrant had a bug that teh internet gave as a fix to uninstall revert back to the 1.9.0 version. And funnily enough the older version started properly.


Then second reminder was to trust in the kindness of strangers. My fancy virtual machine didn’t start properly, first fix was this, and then ended up to another problem, which led to finding this hint, which turned out to be my solution too. The virtualization as a whole was interesting had to find out how to get to the boot menu and enable it in bios, interestingly in w10 the way was via control panel.¬† VirtualBox also had some funny stuff , it defaults to US keyboard, but with my normal terminal got back to normal. Sharing clipboard didn’t succeed even if I did configure it, but at least sharing a drive did.

All things are possible, but it just requires tenacity to follow things through and if you first don’t succeed try again. “Osmosis” Diffusion in learning is not (yet)¬† possible, as learning is just own kind of work, work, work. In a way, what annoys in this courses, that it gets so “result-oriented”. On the other hand, there has to be some goal-orientness to keep in the learning path, and without the hints of¬† which software to use, would not have got very far. All in all better off after the course, so even if there is still lots to learn, at least got some glimpse of the path there. Sigh.

As I’m watching the Now you see me 2, one of the songs from the background:


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Read: Konmari

Marie Kondo’s Konmari (site) was a one of the recent books I’have read. The author if one of the modern professions, namely solving the cluttering problem of developed countries. The tendency is that people buy too much stuff, and then getting that stuff to fit in to our homes is impossible task.


Konmari book has an interesting take to the problem – what I gathered was that if an object doesn’t find its natural place within your home, then it is unnecessary. All paper was deemed useless (in a way, I do see a point). There shouldn’t be excess number of clothes, and focus should be in good clothes that last.

There were naturally some organization tips, for the stuff that remains. I think that origins are in the Tokyo-kind of surroundings were, I’ve heard, the space is quite limited, and there really is not any space to waste. Then again, in Finland, people do like they space and there is room for everyone and space is required in a way even. For example, there are also some aesthetic instructions, how clothes could be organized from dark colours to light ones, and from heavier ones to lighter ones and so on. It was very easy to visualize the ultimate ordering system – but naturally it depends on person and the house what would work best.

There was something feng shui or zen-like in the ideas. If it doesn’t fit, then it is not needed, as said, seemed to be the main mentality. There was also something very natural in the approach – e.g. emptying the handbag after a day, instead of leaving it cluttered, means that the new day is started anew. Also the thankfulness came through, e.g. when leaving house, one can mentally thank for providing space or shoes for providing shelter etc. i.e. appreciating the stuff you have. Via this appreciation, the stuff finds it place and maybe in the long run it helps avoiding unnecessary purchases. Refreshingly the book didn’t totally deny consumerism, but saw it as necessary thing (in a way), but all purchased things should find their place and maybe something else could be thanked for its service and put to recycling or removed altogether.

Very good book, didn’t cause guilt, but gave good ideas and new ways of how to look at the accumulated stuff. Got already rid of some stuff, but work continues!


Currently listening :




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Luettu: Kilroy oli t√§√§ll√§

Outsiderin Kilroy oli t√§√§ll√§ (vuodelta 1947) oli yksi kirjoista joita oli pakko ottaa k√§sittelyyn. Luullakseni en ole kirjaa aiemmin lukenutkaan, joten tilaisuutta t√§m√§n ‘j√§nnityskirjan’ lukemiseen ei saa menett√§√§. ūüôā

Yksi mitä pitää ellibsin käyttöliittymässä murehtia on tuo, että selainnäkymässä ei näyttänyt ainakaan Firefoxilla säädettyä sitä kuinka paljon yhdelle riville mahtuu, nyt esim. tämän kirjan kohdalla riville mahtui noin 7 sanaa, eli noin 70 merkkiä, vaikka kuinka selainta pitäisi koko ruudun koossa.

Hyv√§ kirja, jossa mysteeri pysyy salassa ovelien juonenk√§√§nteiden takia. Tapahtumien ytimess√§ on asuintalo jossa tapahtuu outoja, ja satunnaisesti k√§yd√§√§n muuallakin. Jossakin mieless√§ tuli mieleen my√∂s “Komisario Palmu”-tarinat.


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Luettu: Mustapartainen mies her√§tt√§√§ pahennusta

Ollin 32 kertomusta , https://www.ellibslibrary.com/book/9780010000055  , alkuperäinen julkaisuvuosi 1921.

Hauskoja oivalluksia arjesta, esim. tarinasta Rasvattu salama, määriteltiin puhelinten tarve:


Hyvää se, että PDF+DRM-muotoisen kirjan saa ladattua omalle laitteelle, ja omaan sovellukseen, mutta näköjään tekstin kopiointikin on estetty, mikä tekee muutaman lauseenkin suorasta lainaamisesta mahdotonta.







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Read: Knowledge-creating company…


Tama dashi kai Рa brainstorming camp, informal meeting for discussions to solve difficult problems is one of the examples of tacit-tacit knowledge creation given by  Nonaka & Takeuchi (1995, 76). Nowadays this would be called a workshop, which quite often has some structure, but also multiple themes, not necessarily just one.  One rule is that there should not be no criticism, but constructive suggestions, familiar, eh?  Probably just good psychology as nothing gets people to shy away, if they feel attacked in any shape or form. Discussion are less fun, if someone is constantly poking and undermining raw ideas. You never know when one raw idea, leads to next idea, which leads to the next, but these thought cycles do not happen if the ideas do not flow free.

“Interactions with customers before product development and after market introduction are, in fact, a never-ending process of sharing tacit knowledge and creating ideas for improvement” (Nonaka & Takeuchi, 1995, 77)

Neither in that case should block ideas either.  Effectively skipping the tacit to explicit conversion and explicit to tacit, then the second interesting case is the from explicit-to-explicit case (for symmetry, too).

Reconfiguration of existing information through sorting, adding, combining, and categorizing of explicit knowledge (as conducted in computer databases) can lead to new knowledge. (Nonaka & Takeuchi, 1995, 80)

Actually what I started to wonder already in the first case of knowledge creation is how this all could be combined to the ‘robotics ideology’, i.e. when algorithms and robots take more visible roles, does it also change the knowledge creation, innovation and conversion. All this might lead to the back to the origins and definitions – what actually does knowledge mean?¬† N&T (1995, 72) give it 3 properties, i.e. that knowledge is about beliefs and commitment; knowledge involves action towards some end; and third knowledge is about meaning – context-specific & relational. So, all in all, it all depends…



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