One thing at a time


I’m a terrible multitasker. I keep imagining that I’m good, but I’m not. The good stuff succeeds, when there is a bundle of small things, which can be just completed quickly one after another, which require just “surface thinking”. Like it was discussed in the Kahneman book (blog pending)  said, the system A to go full swing. System B is trickier as it requires bit of spare time to get it going. If you know that there is a meeting looming in 30 minutes, sometimes it is no point to start deep thinking because it gets interrupted, just when one gets started.


However, I like marking a task, any task completed, which probably explains my enthusiasm with backlogs. It is a way of keeping score against the universe. Despite stuff that piles up, there is always some tiny thing, which one can do, and has done, or will be done. The important thing is to forget the old stuff, and trust that if it is important it will pop up. The piling up stuff reminds me of the story of bolders, rocks, pebbles and water – there is always something that you can put to the same container, but at some point the container is full and it overflows. So it requires some mercy to oneself to just say ‘No’ and do stuff that you can.


Currently I should be listening…






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you have been granted a special “librarian” or author status, and can edit book data

Goodreads hits my inner organizer and via logging my readings quite well. Finally managed to add enough books to get bit more extra rights. Yay! It is shame that I never was this organized earlier as I’ve been reader all of my life. I do have random notebook for some books and naturally something in blog format, but quite many books may have just stayed in my head. Reading for fun works even without reading challenges, there is something in newest pile or in favourite categories or authors to go through. And if all else fails it is possible to re-read old favorites. Maybe there should be more effort to put to the textbooks side and taking bit more strategic approach to them as some courses have quite good recommendations, so really immersing to certain facts. Naturally the local limitation is what is available in the library…

There are so many books, so little time, but doing my best.




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ST. Beyond


Totally liked the latest Star Trek. There was something familiar, something new and something blue. The villain was quite strong character, and there was some depth in that like in the “In the Darkness” movie. There were good characters like in the Jaylah, the costume and make-up were so good and loved the voice  of her.

The Cosmic Hearth

The Cosmic Hearth  Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA


There might be spoilers ahead. Beware…

Continue reading

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Vogons, Vorlons or Shadows

Order or chaos?  What kind of order? In the fictional space of the Hitchiker’s guide to the Galaxy there are Vogons, who are in the bureaucrats of the universe, but also the worst (debatable) poets. In the Star Wars the imperial army troopers have those mass scenes, where they are organized in straight lines and move in formations. Then in contrast to that there is the resistance, where they move in small units, do not have uniform and look like they ‘wing it’ quite often. (Despite having some formal central management, who takes care of the coordination of the individuals or smaller groups).


Space scene (CC0 via

In the Babylon5 universe the adversaries were vorlons and shadows. I still remember the  big reveal in one of the final episodes where the logic of the vorlons and shadows was explained and how they approached the universe and onwards to the other races.

What actually got me thinking of all of these pairs, was the Captain America: Civil War movie. After watching the trailer I only anticipated some kind of miscommunication, and only way to find out what could cause the presented turmoil was go to see the movie itself. There also was this typical scenario where there are ‘unlimited’ people vs. the ‘in-control’, regulated ones. In a way the movie played well the quest for independence and the pains the chosen approach drove each of the characters.

The action scenes of the movie nicely contrasted the choices upon the characters. Who fights whom, atypical pairings and groupings, when usually every superhero manages the situation alone. Quite interesting was that couple of key players were not present, which led to thinking to which side they would be – “regulated” or those who rely on themselves.

Who to listen? It is bit like the bureaucracy case – are the collaretal damage any more acceptable if the decision has been done by committee? Would the outcome be easier to master? Or is it just a question of conscience – believing own judgement over following orders?  Is the responsibility within the individual or in the groups as a whole? The outcomes of all the decisions are not known beforehand, so that complicates matters even more.


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Walking into…

One success in the chase of the PoGo balls have been, that have avoided to walk into things. In fact, being a tourist in my home town, and have actually seen and realized some awesome stuff the place holds. Just in the corner from the library there is a graffiti, which I’ve managed to avoid, as I’ve typically walked the other way around.

actually also looking also the cracks of the pavement can cause surprises

Source the awesome xkcd,

Actually walking into doors is an issue indoors, and reasons are usually the same.
Focus, focus, focus and as the game says keep aware of the surroundings.

P.S. Currently listening .


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Crashes all day

Well PoGo arrived, with its crashes. Login fails, login succeeds, start up screen hangs, then it might work, then hangs. You catch a Pokémon and app crashes – luckily nearly all of the times the creature has been stored in any case. (Except for the one time, when a new Pokémon would have appeared). GPS is shaky and without it basically nothing happens. Battery draining is hideous and servers are down or shaky. However the community crawls onwards, there is nice reddit of issues and workarounds  and at least a couple services listing server statuses . Few times, I’ve wondered how they could have released something like this, in this state…


Unhappy flash moment

On the other hobby side, I’m currently catching up with lectures of an Open University course (I’m terribly behind, have to do long hours to get through the content), so it is annoying to find another crashing tool there. The lectures are made available via a browser-based app, where via flash player, you get audio and slides. Every time the player crashes the current location is reseted, so that teaches one to learn to keep an eye on the spot. Even for a relatively short lecture ~40 minutes, there can be 3-5 crashes. In a way this is surprising, because earlier these have worked well. Maybe some browser update or flash update (oh, the horror) is causing the issues. Second annoying thing is that for the flash lectures it is not possible to use Google Cast, it would be nice to get the lectures in the external display, but ah, cannot get everything. Only those materials availabe in publicly available services like YT or Areena are ‘castable’, proprietary services would need to do their own extensions probably… 💡 !


I could easily understand the pressure to go global with the app, because that just is the thing to do. App in more continents is better than more restricted ones. In this case it came surprisingly fast to e.g. Europe, so company probably decided to risk it. Haven’t seen any estimate yet from anyware about in-app purchases, but usually if you can launch bit earlier, it could increase the potential buyer base. Especially since the players of later launch areas, might feel to urge to ‘catch up’ with those who have released earlier.

In manufacturing of devices the discussion usually circles around the bill-of-materials (BOM), i.e. how much all of the components of a new device model can or should be, so that the profit is maximized. This requires lots of speculation of quantity of devices sold, location, all the way to the whole product portfolio. Is it possible to squeeze in better camera, but do you then need additional storage, and what about software then. It goes awry quite fast. Especially because first you need to have working versions, and the software to match…

Well, but in PoGo’s case, the issue is that is there enough benefit now to cover for extra servers or is there some other scaling issues, which would require effort from their developers? In a way they have stumbled to dream of manager of developers, i.e. “having so  succesful app, service which huge number of users manage to crash”. IRL, maybe after the weekend, the operations and support people hit their heads together and figure out their demands  (to suitabe location), so that the overall trustworthiness of the service would be improved.

But as said in my course content, defining the expected level of quality for goals and schedule of goals are something to agree on with employees. Consequently: missing schedule or goals are sources of mistrust for the boss, whereas trust of employees is eaten by unjust actions, unclear resourcing, or miscommunication, so that side looks much more complex. So the question is, what to do – is the service price now suitable and is the company happy with the service level? If they play hardball, they might just wait it out – some might already be happy with the first experiments, blogs/videos/some content is flying around, so some might already be done with the game, which might release resources for those who get immersed to the game properly. We shall see.


The end-game

Well, the Pokedex (index of the creatures) has 124 slots currently. Is there more, or is that it? Will there be expansion? The collection list has 250 slots, so what happens when all those spots are gone? What is the grand plan? There are bunch of basic Pokémons & probably the hard ones are, unsurprisingly, spawning rarely and take lots of time, so is it really worth it to stress about those?

There seems to be coming device called PoGo+. The PoGo+ is then probably the ‘everyday gadget’, thing that beeps and collects already existing Pokémons discreetly. Well, not sure of that concept, it might not be enough to keep interest or is that exactly what is needed for the hard core enthusiasts. On the other hand, a new gadget brings new issues. However, these kinds of tiny one-purpose gadgets seem to be trend, there are tags, buttons and whatnot that simplify the user interface until one single button press. Sigh. Bit different from a 40-person raid in a MMO, where you need to build strategy, tactics and timings for days.*1 *2


You as the player are in the control of the game.

You choose when you start the app.

You choose which data you give (it might not be bad idea to have an ’empty’ account to build on…)


*1) Are games really getting easier? Or is it just the bad memory of the past?

*2) Or Nethack.

P.s. since ‘sensors’ are hit, currently listening (hopefully summer hit).

Original is Annie’s Song, but probably heard the local version earlier at some point, as it feels so familiar… So lovely.

P.P.S. Interestingly, this blog entry is length-wise same as the first task of the course, but it is slower writing as have to ponder and critique based on new material. Hard, but fun, once I get the ball rolling.🙂


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Bots, so bots

Got interested to bots and seems that the most convenient way to get started was via the Chatterbot ruby thingamagic. Ruby is not one of my languages of choice (yet), but the documentation and code look promising.  As usual the issues came with the Windows….

gem install bundler
bundle install

seemed to be the key this time, as most all modules required by the chatbot were missing. Seems that the I have still work to do in keeping development environment(s) in order, too many different versions of rubys installed here and there. Probably for some specific thing, but then forgotten.

The bot ‘core’ generation was done with

ruby bin\chatterbot-register

it then asked those needed keys for the twitter, which allow accessing API and as final step there was authorization of the app for the desired account. (Bit similar like when using GoodReads API.)

The way to get the github code to find the needed libraries was to use the -I  command line option, for some reason the common  $LOAD_PATH.unshift File.join(File.dirname(FILE), ‘..’ , ‘lib’)  did not work … (?)   the require_relative, which worked for some stumbled to the chatterbot/lib/version module, which was then what was not found. Meh. But finally simply

ruby -Ilib myfancybot.rb

anyhow got the template bot running, so the next thing then was to check does it get anything interesting out. Once those were sorted, then the next problem was with SSL

A:/bin/Ruby23-x64/lib/ruby/gems/2.3.0/gems/twitter-5.16.0/lib/twitter/rest/request.rb:37:in `rescue in perform’: SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=SSLv3 read
server certificate B: certificate verify failed (Twitter::Error)

, which seemed to be old, old issue, so there were also good instructions to fixing it, where basically the command line version was wget –no-check-certificate  and set the environment variable, where the cert was looked for.

But after that detour (and commenting of streaming thing), got some initial results:

check for tweets since 1
search: myfancysearch   {:result_type=>"recent", :since_id=>1, :since_id_reply=>1}
<<tweet text>>
<<tweet text>>

and actually got some results, so basic stuff is ok.Yay!  One nifty experiment here was to add one more debug to the blocklist.rb,  as there was something interesting in the results, adn seeing the username would be useful.

to the valid_tweet function adding

debug from_user(object).downcase

to the safelist check to see the non-testing (i.e. real) usages for the given search word…
Next item, would be to do some interaction with the searches. There are couple of ideas to experiment with (ssshhh , secret) .  Tweaking ruby takes some time, so one alternative could be to find similar solution with some other languge, but this one actually has quite a many needed things directly out-of-the-box .


And since the Euro 2016 is ongoing, kudos to the fans of NIR , wow.

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Summer, probabilities

Frist summer thing related to the probabilities course where the main goal was to get hang of the SPSS program. Had to dig deep to remember the statistics background, but thanks to the nice teacher who also repeated them, got hang of it those, while we were using the tool. In a way it was funny how much learning a tool could require. But especially SPSS is very versatile and it does a lot, so the time was well spent, and it also got me couple of credits🙂



Statistics and calculating probabilities is definitely different from mathematics. Representative sample size and sample size, in general were one of our recurring topics.  But in the end we got also some of the statistically significant cases, as the data set was quite extensive.

Also it became obvious that you need to be quite specific and thoughtful with collecting of the data, so that it is sensible to do cross-tabulations or other analysis of data. For example, on the course we utilized a data collected in another survey, as by redownloading it from the source it can be utilized also later on. There are so many things, which could benefit from data, which could be analyzed in multiple ways.

And onwards to next course…


P.S. Currently watching an Euro 2016 game, so its theme song to the to-be-listened list:







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Lots of tiny complaints pile up, it seems. After the huge number of nagging , finally decided to let the W10 update to arrive (mainly just to get rid of the popups :))


Edge the new browser.

  • the web snippet thing is useful, but after first three tries it seemed that emails of those kept showing the same clip.
  • AFter waiting for few hours, *one* of the actual emails (share->email) come through, and they are not even visible in the sent items, so probably somewhere in the bit universe.
  • Adding of an alternative search engine required that one first navigates to the website, when it appears as one of the selections.



  • WLAN kept dropping so after using ipconfig flushdns & renew for few moments, searched and installed vendor’s own update for it (Has helped, and got from 2 bar WLAN to 4.) . It seems that there is still some shakiness with it, as occasionally apps seem to loose connection even if the taskbar and other apps are fine.
  • Some AMD software keeps on showing a mysterious error message after login (maybe one of the drivers require update?) TBD
  • At about 3rd reboot, one application was removed “due to it being uncompatible with this version of Windows”.
  • Kindle for PC had to be reinstalled, but could be own cause, as hadn’t updated that one for a while.
  • On positive note, at least the modern ui thingy, i.e. the “shadow interface” within windows doesn’t seem to exist, it is used as some kind of extended start menu, which seems ok, so far…



Avoided the ‘quick setup’ option to get to the settings, where basically disabled every option. It is interesting to see if and which kinds of situations they revert to originals, as some of the websites have reported.

But all in all, it is a free* software, at the moment, so shouldn’t complain. On the other hand,…

After this ordeal, I should be totally zen… so currently listening…


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Currently reading “Managing & organizations” book, which has been super awesome. Good content, good writing and useful information. At the moment, I am at bureaucracy chapter where there is this kind of gem:

“The outcome of the process of rationalization, Weber suggests, is the production of new kind of person: the specialist or technical expert. Such experts master reality by increasingly precise and abstract concepts.” (Clegg et al. 2008, p. 490)

Fits quite a many expert/specialist/full-stack whatnot job titles of today, who are expected to (basically) do all, learn all, and accomplish all. It can be scary, but also liberating. Bit like the Finnish saying, in the beginning there was Jack, shovel and the swamp (freely translated), which is often used as an expression to illustrate the Finnish frame of mind or and some kind of  pioneering spirit.


“The adoption of particular initiative is a means of gaining legitimacy in the eyes of the important stakeholders.” (Clegg et al. 2008, p. 504)

Which is so true – whenever there is some hype thing, there is tendency that any organization need to take that into use, just to be “believable”. Few years back (and probably) nowadays, it is agile, kanban, kaizen, robotics, digitization, you name it. Clegg defines isomorphism that it

— is used in context of institutional theory to refer to a situation in which organizational designs and practices are nonetheless similar.

So even if everyone tries to be the “unique snowflake”, there are still lots of similarities. In a way it makes things easier, because then you can ‘understand’ the organization better. Maybe every organzation is like another, it just varies how fast it evolves from one phase to another.

Currently listening, ‘cheap thrills’, where the coreography somehow just works…


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