Luettu: Kilroy oli täällä

Outsiderin Kilroy oli täällä (vuodelta 1947) oli yksi kirjoista joita oli pakko ottaa käsittelyyn. Luullakseni en ole kirjaa aiemmin lukenutkaan, joten tilaisuutta tämän ‘jännityskirjan’ lukemiseen ei saa menettää. 🙂

Yksi mitä pitää ellibsin käyttöliittymässä murehtia on tuo, että selainnäkymässä ei näyttänyt ainakaan Firefoxilla säädettyä sitä kuinka paljon yhdelle riville mahtuu, nyt esim. tämän kirjan kohdalla riville mahtui noin 7 sanaa, eli noin 70 merkkiä, vaikka kuinka selainta pitäisi koko ruudun koossa.

Hyvä kirja, jossa mysteeri pysyy salassa ovelien juonenkäänteiden takia. Tapahtumien ytimessä on asuintalo jossa tapahtuu outoja, ja satunnaisesti käydään muuallakin. Jossakin mielessä tuli mieleen myös “Komisario Palmu”-tarinat.


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Luettu: Mustapartainen mies herättää pahennusta

Ollin 32 kertomusta ,  , alkuperäinen julkaisuvuosi 1921.

Hauskoja oivalluksia arjesta, esim. tarinasta Rasvattu salama, määriteltiin puhelinten tarve:


Hyvää se, että PDF+DRM-muotoisen kirjan saa ladattua omalle laitteelle, ja omaan sovellukseen, mutta näköjään tekstin kopiointikin on estetty, mikä tekee muutaman lauseenkin suorasta lainaamisesta mahdotonta.







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Read: Knowledge-creating company…


Tama dashi kai – a brainstorming camp, informal meeting for discussions to solve difficult problems is one of the examples of tacit-tacit knowledge creation given by  Nonaka & Takeuchi (1995, 76). Nowadays this would be called a workshop, which quite often has some structure, but also multiple themes, not necessarily just one.  One rule is that there should not be no criticism, but constructive suggestions, familiar, eh?  Probably just good psychology as nothing gets people to shy away, if they feel attacked in any shape or form. Discussion are less fun, if someone is constantly poking and undermining raw ideas. You never know when one raw idea, leads to next idea, which leads to the next, but these thought cycles do not happen if the ideas do not flow free.

“Interactions with customers before product development and after market introduction are, in fact, a never-ending process of sharing tacit knowledge and creating ideas for improvement” (Nonaka & Takeuchi, 1995, 77)

Neither in that case should block ideas either.  Effectively skipping the tacit to explicit conversion and explicit to tacit, then the second interesting case is the from explicit-to-explicit case (for symmetry, too).

Reconfiguration of existing information through sorting, adding, combining, and categorizing of explicit knowledge (as conducted in computer databases) can lead to new knowledge. (Nonaka & Takeuchi, 1995, 80)

Actually what I started to wonder already in the first case of knowledge creation is how this all could be combined to the ‘robotics ideology’, i.e. when algorithms and robots take more visible roles, does it also change the knowledge creation, innovation and conversion. All this might lead to the back to the origins and definitions – what actually does knowledge mean?  N&T (1995, 72) give it 3 properties, i.e. that knowledge is about beliefs and commitment; knowledge involves action towards some end; and third knowledge is about meaning – context-specific & relational. So, all in all, it all depends…



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Luettu: Kaksi seppää

Hieman nopsempi luettava, 55s. Risto Rasan Kaksi seppää. Löytyy

Ihana kissaruno

“Kissaa ei mikään puheenaihe kiinnosta niinkuin se itse.”

Antaa hyvän mielikuvan ja osoittaa millaista kirjan tyyliä muutkin kirjan runot edustavat.

Kiva teos ja pitää etsiä samalta tekijältä lisääkin tekstejä.

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Luettu: Mitä tapahtuu todella?

101Kirjan joukossa puhtaasti sivumäärän perusteella valittuna Saarikosken runoteos on tiivis ja tiukka paketti.

Kirjassa oli hienosti käsitelty eri aiheita, tuokionomaisina kuvina ja alkoi tuntumaan, että myös typografia – sivujen , rivien asettelu tuki myös tekstiä. Runo joka on tasattu molempiin reunoihin, vs. teksti jossa sanat  ovat pitkin sivua. Eniten häiritsi sivu jossa teksti oli myös nurinpäin, joka koneella luettavaksi vaatii hiukan askartelua.

Sinänsä sopiva teos tähän alkuryppääseen, koska

“kirjat auttavat meitä orientoitumaan / muuttuvassa maailmassa ”  (s.42)

Kirjoittamista, lukemista, luontoa, tarkkailua ja politiikkaa löytyy runojen syövereistä.

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Simulation world


What would it mean if we would actually live in simulation? The storage needed would be immensive, but on the other hand in true object-oriented fashion, it could be organized so that each ‘object’ i.e. organism has knowledge of itself  – then it would be bit like now. In addition, it is said that a human uses 10% of their brain capacity, so what if the 90% goes to other sort of background calculations of the world.

The more and more there is population, the more smarter the collective becomes – both as a whole, but being able/lucky enough to get more extraordinary people to born in suitable circumstances. I guess it is in human nature to always look beyond – either it is the things of space, where one alternative is the layered simulation within each other. We can play a simulated life game, where the animated character can play a game and so on.

It is turtles all the way down.


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Woke up to this thought

Memory of the cat lasts longer than cat itself.

This was one of these existensial dreams, that occasionally occur. It was meant as a happy notion, as this means that someone remembers, and even if not, there is something in the ‘essence of catness’ (or anything else) , which is known for all. Pratchett knew of these ‘narrativium‘ effects, how we all know that princess needs to be rescued, this and this character is evil due to feature X and so on.


What is an essence of humanness or robotness?  There are eye glasses, fixes done here and there, but human is still human. But then again, would a robot get human status at some point, like in the Bicentennial man – if it thinks like us (or better), when it becomes she? It would make total sense that computers keep modeling it to own format, when trying to model the varieties of human language – even human teams have their own jargon, so why not programs, too.

Have to find myself a rock to draw on.

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Movie narrative

Since I ended up to see Dr. Strange again now also got to think more about the movie/cinematography tricks, which underline or clarify certain things. Those cultural hints can partly be clear, but one can occasionally get lost when seeing a reference, which doesn’t directly hit home or which is from another culture.


London – Dr. Strange had those red buses, but some other movies have used e.g. London Eye or such to indicate that location is there.

Bleecker street street sign on the other hand was used for indicator of New York, which cause slight confusion for a moment or two, because movie progress-wide, being still in London, wouldn’t have made sense.

Land marks in general, are such which are used all over the world and even in space. From Jupiter we know of that “storm dot” and from the sky those familiar constellations. That is why if someone uses atypical characterisations they feel novel as they go against the normal flow.

Time – the time going backwards effect always causes these epic “film running backwards”  scenes with people walking backwards etc, but when you add there people who are outside that who are watching that and influencing the backgracking time, it always seem that physics might not be totally in order, but have to read about that more. Nowadays movies at least realize the risks of time  paradoxes and loops and Dr. Stransge had a nifty way to utilize those naturally with risk of breaking natural laws. But would going back time just mean creating a new parallel universe with different starting point. Reversing would require that memory of all things would exist somewhere, and even if we would live in simulation, the required capabilities for that would be incomprehensible (unless everything would store its own history), when the movie-like reversal actually might be possible.


P.S. I should definitely be listening one of the turn back time songs…



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Watched: Dr. Strange

Loved it, loved it, loved it. 🙂

Clicketh for more, with potential spoilers.


Continue reading

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One thing at a time


I’m a terrible multitasker. I keep imagining that I’m good, but I’m not. The good stuff succeeds, when there is a bundle of small things, which can be just completed quickly one after another, which require just “surface thinking”. Like it was discussed in the Kahneman book (blog pending)  said, the system A to go full swing. System B is trickier as it requires bit of spare time to get it going. If you know that there is a meeting looming in 30 minutes, sometimes it is no point to start deep thinking because it gets interrupted, just when one gets started.


However, I like marking a task, any task completed, which probably explains my enthusiasm with backlogs. It is a way of keeping score against the universe. Despite stuff that piles up, there is always some tiny thing, which one can do, and has done, or will be done. The important thing is to forget the old stuff, and trust that if it is important it will pop up. The piling up stuff reminds me of the story of bolders, rocks, pebbles and water – there is always something that you can put to the same container, but at some point the container is full and it overflows. So it requires some mercy to oneself to just say ‘No’ and do stuff that you can.


Currently I should be listening…






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